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We at OmniSound are very glad to work on beautiful worlds, and therefor feel a joint venture is the best situation for games at all times. This gives us the time and freedom we want to have in order to build the environment your game deserves.

Every project is so unique, we urge you to get in touch with us and we’ll take the time to discuss this in detail.

Music Composition

Set the vibe with custom music From orchestral to electronic

Sound Design

Make the world into a living, breathing experience of a lifetime

Voice Acting & ADR

Trigger the right emotion, with the right voice, at the right time

Mixing & Mastering

Sound better

Wwise implementation

Let the game and sound work together seamlessly


It highly depends on the project and your wishes for it. A general rule of thumb would be that we write about 1.5 minutes of music per day, in the box. But again, it highly depends on the project, music style, linear vs. Non-linear, instruments being used, being live, etc. Best to just contact us (anytime!) and we’ll take the time to make a detailed plan of attack.

No, sometimes the director or developer needs us for just music, just design, just ADR or anything beyond and in between. It’s absolutely possible to have us on board with a single or couple of disciplines.

A joint venture means OmniSound becomes co-owner of the game and will share in it’s profits once released. This gives us the freedom and time to work on your game and give it the audio it deserves, without any cost or restrictions beforehand.

Game audio implementation means implementing sound in a way that makes more sense than just “playing the sound”. It means we make sure the sound is “behaving” properly in the environment and is never the same. It also means sound and music can adapt within the scene, for example; music can intensify when there are more enemies around without making a “switch”.

Yes, should you choose to work with FMOD we can adapt to that.

Yes, you can, and yes, we sometimes do that though we prefer middleware since it gives us more freedom. Also bear in mind that we are audio specialists, and know middleware. We also know a fair bit about game engines, but are no specialists in that area with the exception of audio implementation.