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We at OmniSound are very glad to work on beautiful projects every day, whether it is sounddesign, music, mixing, mastering or anything in between and beyond!

Every project is so unique, we urge you to get in touch with us and we’ll take the time to discuss this in detail.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is the process of balancing all the elements of the entire production and making sure that everything works together. Something that happens a lot in the mixing stage is getting rid of annoying or unwanted frequencies and making sure there are no sudden volume changes. On top of that, you want to place every element in the production to create more depth; left, right, far away or close.

Mastering is the process that comes after mixing. It means making sure the production holds when played from different devices and different platforms, and making sure the production is industry-standard and compatible. When you do not master your production it might get rejected by the platform/station, normalised in a very ugly way or feel very quiet compared to the competition.

No, sometimes the director or developer needs us for just music, just design, just ADR or anything beyond and in between. It’s absolutely possible to have us on board with a single or couple of disciplines.

It highly depends on the project and your wishes for it. A general rule of thumb would be that we write about 1.5 minutes of music per day, in the box. But again, it highly depends on the project, music style, linear vs. Non-linear, instruments being used, being live, etc. Best to just contact us (anytime!) and we’ll take the time to make a detailed plan of attack.

Theoretically, yes. That doesn’t mean we don’t specialise though. We’d like to say 2 things about this. 1: We have all studied music for a long time, and have experience in the field. We’ve done tons of soundalikes because Adele or Rihanna were just a tad too expensive. 2: We work here with multiple producers who all have their own expertise. For example: Daan studied as a classical (game) composer and Thijs studied as an electronic corporate producer (and has millions of listeners as an artist and ghost producer!).