About OmniSound


Add value, Add OmniSound

We like music. We like design. We like games, art, history, philosophy, and most of all, we like stories. And we all have stories to tell.

After graduating from the conservatory, and further working for/studying under AMP Amsterdam and SourceSound L.A, Getting our hands on various franchises like Call of Duty, BattleField, Ghost Recon, NFS, Forza and various brands like IKEA, Redbull, Philips, ING and Bavaria, old partners in-crime Thijs Buwalda and Daan Moerkens tied the corporate knot and started OmniSound together after returning to the Netherlands.

Omnisound kicked off with productions for brands like MSI, BMW, Nespresso, Dell, Intel and games like Legatus, Tribe of Accord and Operator: Short Stories. Omni also did the additional composition for the dutch children’s movie “Piraat van Hiernaast”.

Our love of stories applies to every project; film, game, corporate, and everything beyond and in between.

We don’t believe a commercial is about selling the product per se; it’s about offering the unique experience of the product.

This piece of chocolate is not 50% off. It’s happiness in a wrapper.

Check out the team below

Captain corporate

Thijs Buwalda

After graduating from the conservatory in Enschede as a media producer, Thijs began his musical venture working for big brands such as Philips, ING and Red Bull at Amp.Amsterdam. Then the idea sparked to combine powers with Daan Moerkens. While Daan is strong on the orchestral/composing side, Thijs’s strengths lie in electronic and commercial music. In total raking up over 2 million streams on Spotify, he knows how to sound good!

General of film, game and interactive

Daan Moerkens

Graduating from the conservatory as a composer for film and game, with minors in corporate productions and sounddesign, Daan started off as an independent composer and sounddesigner. After getting his hands on various games and franchises working for SourceSound L.A, Daan returned to the Netherlands and figured it was time to start OmniSound with his old partner in crime Thijs Buwalda. Before and after Omni, Daan worked on all kinds of audio-related projects, and with great pleasure he adds, such as games, interactive art stations, “artsy” movies, synth programs and implementation jobs. “Every project is different, and requires a very unique approach; something I absolutely love about my job”.

Although Daan has done all kinds of things, his main focus was, and is still, (orchestral) composition. At the end of the day, this is where he lives, eats, and sleeps. “(Music) Composition and storytelling are very, very complicated, but very, very interesting phenomena. In a way they are more true than you and I are, and I think they are very important. They give us lemons, and then we get to decide what to do with them.”

Mixing master

Maurits Gerrits

As a drummer in multiple bands, Maurits started his musical career. While studying MediaMusic at the conservatory he soon discovered his incredible ears and ability to use perfect pitch. This is what got Maurits interested in Mixing and mastering, the attention for detail and making something sound as good as it possibly can!

Fun fact: he can tell you what colour your track is.

The interactive emmisary

Tim de Wilde

Our interactive audio genius! From creating plugins and synthesizers himself to producing drum and bass bangers, Tim can create the perfect atmosphere for everything.