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Tribe of Accord

About the project

Back to our roots; Tribe of Accord tells the story of Adira, a story between a sapient and her Neanderthal mentor long, long ago. We had the pleasure doing all the music cues, design and implementation, and are still working for this gem!


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Full Soundtrack


Tribe of Accord is a stunning pixart game about Adira and her companion Torion. We can’t say too much yet, but it is the brain-child of indie-dev Shaun Stone, who also wrote the novel. There will be a dev mini-series soon which we will of course share on the site once it launches!

More music

In total the entire length of all the tracks combined is about 1 hour. Once we can share the Spotify link we’ll post it here, but for now, feel free to listen to these 2 bonus tracks!

  • Sticks and Stones


  • Into the Mountains




Art = work in progress!


Sounddesign with regards to implementation

When it comes to implementation and design there’s quite a bit happening in Wwise. There’s placement, convolution reverbs, busses, dynamic EQ’s, quite a few things happening in quite a few ways. We want the world to feel real and dynamic, even when we are dealing with pixart!

Here is an example run of a bit of mixing in Wwise. What you’ll hear is the music changing dynamically (depending on the amount of enemies for example), environment changes and a couple of sound-designed actions like cutting a tree, firing a bow, opening a satchel, that sort of thing. Have a listen:



We’ve written quite a bit of scores for TOA, you can take a look at one of them here! Tribe of Accord has not been recorded with an orchestra, but instead with solo instrumentalists all over the place: