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About the project

Here we have an awesome game we’ve been working on for a while; Legatus! Legio XX, Valeria Victrix. We can’t mention any specifics yet, but we can tell you that Daan is especially hyped to work with the Roman legion (he’s obsessed with Romans…). This project contains everything we love and we are ok (and really want haha) to share a bit of work, including some parts of the 45 min. composition with you.


Main Title

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In Short

“Legatus: Legio XX Valeria Victrix” (Legatus in short) is a project that’s currently in development and set to release in 2024. Legatus is an RTS about the Roman legion in Britain. Though an RTS, there are quite a few story elements to the game, very useful for Daan and Thijs when it comes to composition and design!

Legatus draws inspiration from history but is not 100% accurate for gameplay purposes.

Story and Music

CUE – Britannia Secunda III: Establishment


In Legatus we follow your story as the adopted son of the fictional character “Cassius Ovidius”. Right before his death you are being send to “Britannia Secunda” to take command of the 20th legion. The legion is in shambles though because of ill management by its former Legatus: “Felix Domitius”. For those of you interested; the dev asked Daan to write a little story about Felix Domitius. This story is told by an in-game character called “Marcus”, the military tribune. This story will be posted as bonus material at the bottom os this page.

CUE – Tribunus Laticlavius


Sounddesign and environment

Legatus is a top down strategy game, think AoE meets Total War. We wanted to build a dynamic environment still, and had to find ways to bring both diegetic and non-diegetic elements into the mix.

The way we did the environment is whenever the player zooms out from the map the player will hear the legion; since you are playing it’s Legatus and are basically in a tent managing the 20th. When you zoom back in the legion muffles and you’ll hear other environments depending on what you are looking at (carts on a road – spies in a bush – a moving Contubernium – checkpoints – bustling cities etc. etc.)

Have a listen!